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Thread: Review for Jesseloadsmonsterfacials

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    Default Review for Jesseloadsmonsterfacials

    Review for Jesseloadsmonsterfacials

    FacialForum was asked to provide a review for the facial orientated paysite: They charge $21.95 the first month and $18.95 there after, or $44.95 for 90 days. This is a nice site. The layout is clean and easy to navigate. The welcome page shows the most recent updates and navigation links to the main page, bonus, friends, store and support pages. The main page shows the name and portrait photos/links for the current 58 models. A new model is added every week. Each model section has options to download the total video in Hi (120-200 Mb) or Low (30-50 Mb) resolutions and direct links to hardcore (100-150) and softcore (50-100) photo sets. The videos average 18-25 minutes in length. Download speeds are impressive. The Hi-resolution videos rarely took more than 2-3 minutes maximum to download. There is no DRM, but there is a stated 5 Gigs a day content download limit. However, when I tested that, twice it kicked in closer to 2 Gigs. Still, that allows you to download about 12 vids and photo sets in a 24 hour period. The Hi-resolution videos in WMV format are good DVD quality but don't fare as well as HD when viewed at fullscreen. The Low option is really suitable only for small screens. Overall the Hi videos are good quality for their size and quick and easy to download. The Hi-resolution photos are fantastic. No vidcaps here. Each model has about 150-250 photos. I wish they offered zip file download options. Still, facial fans will love the photo sets. Unlike many sites that quickly end the shoot soon after the facial, this site savors the art of the facial. Each hardcore photo set includes at least 20-30 facial photos with the model in different poses. Both the videos and the photos show top-notch skill in the shoot itself. Well lit, nice angles, sexy poses and clearly a friendly set where the girls are having fun.

    Now for the models and the action. All the models are young, cute to beautiful and include many new pornstars starting to make a name for themselves. Most are white while a few are ethnic. Each video begins with a very short introduction. It might include a quick strip but then it goes straight to sucking cock. The focus here is the blowjob and the facial. The models might get their pussy licked for a minute or two, or they might play with a vibrator but it is rare. Each scene shows off the model's oral talents in different positions. Some deep throat or take face fucking, other's don't. But each video ends typically with her on her knees, face tilted back, or less often laying across a bed face up. Either way she is ALWAYS taking a truly impressive load of cum that drenches her face. Jesse does indeed deliver "monster" facials! True facial fans will love the results. I would like to see more of the models suck Jesse's cock while wearing all that cum but that is a small quibble. These girls get soaked and most of them give a great show wearing it all. Luckily this site understands THAT is what we want to see. So plenty of video time and photos showcasing these cum drenched beauties.

    Be sure to check out the numerous Bonus section videos which currently showcase 51 of the models. Some are short videos (2-10 Mb) made after the model was facialed and shows them talking about the shoot - while still covered in cum - or cleaning up. Facial fans will want to see these videos. Most are longer videos (87-349 Mb and up to 45 minutes long) showing the complete behind the scenes process. So it shows the main shoot, outakes, and everything else. If you want to see what a real porn shoot is like from the beginning to the end watch these.

    The Friends section is another must see. Currently it showcases 32 full scene videos. Most of which include the video and full photo sets in a similar format/size/numbers to that for the models in the Main section. For example, FacialCumTargets has 13 models, NutInHerMouth has 6 models, TeaseItOut has 5 models, and WhiteDickLovingSistas has 4 models. Some of these models are new while others are different scenes with some of the same models found in the main section. So if you have a favorite model you might find another scene with her here in the Friend's section. Not all of these scenes end with a facial but most of them do.

    As a facial fan I do recommend Jesseloadsmonsterfacials. It is a good price for a quality facial site even without all of the extra content found in the Bonus and Friends sections. It would be nice to see another video option providing a short video of the facial itself. And a zip file download option for the photos would be helpful as well. But, the quantity and quality of the production, the beauty and personality of the models, Jesse's impressive loads, and the true focus on highlighting the facial itself make this a must-have for true facial fans.

    - FacialForum Review by Facial Freddie
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    Based on the front page it looks like a site that delivers the goods....literally.


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    Default New Life to Thread?

    Man, I wish this thread had developed. It would be great to have a FacialForum member giving an unbiased review of facial sites, old and new! I always fear that I am missing some sites out there. Thankfully, FacialForum is the perfect hub for all facial activity!

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