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Thread: AVC mp4/mkv without re-encoding

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    Default AVC mp4/mkv without re-encoding

    Haven't been a platinum member on here for quite a while but when i was i did like to upload an HD mp4 from time to time

    Re-encoding can be a very slow and painful process as anybody who has tried to edit any h264 file, be it mp4 or mkv.

    I thought the day would never arrive when i could edit HD mp4's without re-encoding but it did finally arrive.

    SolveigMM Video Splitter 3 does exactly that. I did use the previous version to trim HD wmv's without re-encoding but i tried out the latest version and low and behold, h264 without re-encoding.

    The program is free, what more can i say. Would have liked to put this in the software section but it will not allow me to create a new thread in there.

    I will leave the decision of moving this to the software section upto any admin that reads this thread.

    Hope this helps all the posters out there, if they didn't already know this software was out there.

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    sounds good and it saves alot of hours

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