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Thread: Going HD... Finally!!!

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    Default Going HD... Finally!!!

    Hey guys. I know I haven't posted for a long time. I could give you a million reasons but we all know it's just plain laziness Anyway, just wanted to let you know I've finally gone HD. Kinda feels like when Dylon switched to electric. Jesus I'm really dating myself here. LOL. But besides going high def I wanted to announce another cool thing. And that is capturing the moment Mary Jane lost her back door virginity and got that tight tiny beautiful pink asshole penetrated by a real cock. That was so fucking hot to watch. Not just watching that gorgeous big round white ass split but the expression on her sweet innocent face, which got a superbly well deserved thick load of cum all over it. I'm posting a couple of the pics here but you should see the trailer. Specially now that I have added flash streaming to the presentation. Enjoy:
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    Default sounds great

    was a member years ago, will have to check it out again.

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    I am sure that the members would love nothing more than to see the trailer to this material posted in here Victor.

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