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Thread: The Forum Rules, "ALL" Members Please Read

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    Exclamation The Forum Rules, "ALL" Members Please Read

    FacialForum Rules. Please read these if you are new to our forum. For everyone else please reread these every few months so you stay up to date on any rule changes or additions.
    Thanks, Staff and Admin.

    1) No degrading, mean, rude or nasty comments. If you don't like something you see move on to something else and say nothing. This includes harassment of other members via private messaging and emails.

    2a) No Movies or compressed files (ie: zip, rar or others) in the free section. We are unable to cope with the amount of bandwidth being used in the free section by lurkers out there. If you wish to post a movie join the Platinum section and help keep the forum alive. We will remove any movies that have been posted without Admin consent and Ban repeat offenders. ONCE AGAIN if you have a video for the free section you MUST wait and ask Admin directly.

    2b) Due to the excessive bandwidth required for some uploaded movies and their limited use by other members the following has now been implemented:
    Movies posted in the Platinum section must "not" exceed 400mb in size unless you have gained prior permission from Admin.
    (This ruling excludes Staff & Webmasters)

    If you wish to post longer movies use video editing software to edit them down to an acceptable size. You can find information on video editing software in the Tech Central section here

    2c) In order to reduce our bandwidth and to improve the speed of the forum do not post more than 40 photos from the same professional photo shoot.This includes any interview style photos, stripping and posing photos, as well as the sexual action itself. This rule applies to all relevant posts made after December 6th, 2011. Members posting their personal, homemade content are not restricted by this rule.

    3a) No Posting pics that are not yours in the competition thread. If we doubt any pics as not being your own or suspect pics taken off the net, they will be removed. Do not post pics of people unless you have their permission. Once again if we suspect anything, they will be removed.

    3b) Absolutely No reposting of fellow members photos or clips on any other website. We encourage a friendly and trusting atmosphere on this forum and the idea of someone using another member's material without permission in this way is unacceptable. Anyone found doing so will now be banned without recourse.

    3c) Do not post fellow members photos or vids within Facial Forum unless you have their permission. This includes avatar photos. You may repost a small number of pics in the SAME thread they were originally posted into in order to point out your favorites.

    4) Absolutely no posting or requesting pics, (of any kind, including cartoons), vids or stories about *i*n*c*e*s*t, b*e*a*s*t*i*a*l*i*t*y or p*e*d*o*p**h*i*l*ia etc
    This will cause an instant ban from the site.

    5) "Direct" Linking to websites or "Hot Linking" of any kind in the forum is now banned.
    (The exception being a link in your FF profile page, and in The Links & Website Section)
    Also advertising "other sites" or promoting personal material using your avatars or signatures, whether hotlinked or otherwise, will not be allowed. (without prior permission of Admin)
    You have an option in your profile to promote such matters so feel free to use it.
    (This ruling excludes staff and "verified" webmasters)

    Using internal links via signature to promote any personal threads is limited to two only.
    N.B. The maximum size for signatures is 500 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller)
    "Please do not exceed this limit or your signature will be removed!!"

    6) Clean up after yourself. If you accidentally post something blank, wrong or even double up on a post, please delete it and keep the boards clean and uncluttered.

    7) No Excrement or Blood. Absolutely no pictures showing excrement of any type or pictures containing blood, this includes women's periods, self harm, and blood fetishes. There are plenty of other sites to cater for such things, so please take it elsewhere.

    7b) advertising for or requesting someone to send you their cum is now banned.

    8) One user name at a time. Those that continually post under different user names will be banned. Those who forget or start a new user name are permitted but only ONE name to be used at a time. Posting under different names is deceiving and frankly just shits us so don't do it.

    9) Continuous deletions are no longer tolerated. Do not post pics or vids and then quickly delete them. Leave them up at least 4 days so people have time to see them and make comments. If you make an error on a thread or are leaving FacialForum for good you are more than welcome to delete them but anyone that keeps posting and deleting will be banned.

    10) Admins and moderators reserve the right to remove any pics, comments, or threads that do not conform to FacialForum site.

    11) Any threads, or requests that do not receive any responses after 4 months will be deleted. This is automated, good this techy stuff isn't it

    12) PASSWORD TRADING IS A NO NO The administrators and Mods will remove posts and BAN any members found trading and posting hacks, spoofs or passwords openly within the forum. DON'T DO IT .

    We no longer allow our members to post or ask for the following edited photos:
    * Digitally edited pictures (e.g morphed, adding cum or photoshopped faces)
    * Fake cum photos of "any" medium (this includes images on clothing)
    * Speech bubbles or off topic comments added in the picture.
    * Cum on pics (pictures that have been physically cummed on)

    Self shot, "My Space" and Celebrity media type photos that show no real sexual activity are also no longer permitted. If there is ever a doubt about a photo... "don't post!!"
    This is due to to the amount of images that have been posted of under age girls or work colleagues, who might be unaware of being displayed in an adult environment.
    In the case of celebrity pix not only are they also off topic for an adult website but they also just encourage further potential rule infringements.

    Members posting any of the above content may now be banned.

    14) Virus and Spyware We can not be held responsible for all content being posted on this Forum is virus or spyware free. Please take all precautions to scan each file prior to playing or viewing..... Be safe Scan before...... well what ever you do ....

    15) No Posting in other language other than English. Please remember even though we are from all over the world, this forum uses the universal language of ENGLISH, if you post in your own tongue please add a translation

    16) No Posting of images, videos, avatars or banners that depict the use of Dolls as sexual props. (Adult or otherwise)

    17) No Soliciting For Money. Do not ask our members to buy your personal content, pay for your upgrade subscription, or anything else. Members doing so will be banned.

    18) Enjoy your self that's the law.........

    Please remember these rules are not exhaustive and don't cover everything, the Admins and Mods have the right to do what they see fit for the benefit of the forum as a whole.

    We appreciate your time and hope we can work together to make this a fun and sexy forum. If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or ideas regarding the rules contact the Moderating team or Admin...

    Thank you again for reading.
    Last edited by SimonKemp; 02-17-2019 at 11:51 AM. Reason: Amended rule #9 to include vids.

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