Here we go for August 2019 , please be the first to get your pictures in ........

We will give away 3 free months access to the platinum section every month to the poster who posts the best cum covered wife or girlfriend or even neighbour to this sections thread. We also give 2 months access to the second place winner, and 1 months access to the third place winner.


Rules are simple, enter your own cum covered wife’s picture or pictures by the 31st of August 2019 and we will then place the entries open to a vote for all, At the end of the voting process the winners will be announced and given platinum status for free..........

Rules/guidelines for posts
  1. The picture must be yours, or you have permission to post it, it must not be pinched off the net. If you post pics that are not yours & you get caught doing so, you're facing a permanent ban from (so you've been warned).
  2. Watermarking: We strongly suggest a discreet but identifiable watermark on your entries. Please refer to the following thread which contains all that you need to know about watermarking.
  3. Verification: Please refer to the following thread which contains all that you need to know about verification, we also have a visual verification guide made by our kind forum members here
  4. We reserve the right to remove entries and subsequently ban members whom we feel are either trying to cheat the verification process or where we suspect that they do not have the consent to post the individual featured in the photos provided, if competition award winners decide to remove their material, then we reserve the option of rescinding these awards.
  5. Those members who win the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes this month will not be eligible to re-enter future competitions until their 'free awards' have expired (i.e. if you win 3 months, you have to wait a further 3 months before re-entering the competition again) please also be aware of the time scale of the prizes, with voting and sorting out prizes will usually be awarded around the 8th of the month, and even though you may want to enter the newest competition right away you still have to wait till your award has finished.
  6. The Model must be over 18
  7. The picture should be a facial or as near as.
  8. Faces can be partially obscured to hide identity if necessary
  9. It must be posted by the 31st of August 2019 prior to the voting starting.
  10. The voting period will last for 7 days & no further pictures can be uploaded into this thread once the voting process has commenced.
  11. Open to Amateurs and Pro Am's there's no holes barred your all welcome.

So come on guys and girls become the monthly face of the forum and get free entry into the platinum section. If your already in the platinum section you know how good it is and get an extra month or more to show off to the rest, if you are already a platinum member and you win you can donate your winnings to another member..... after all that's why we are here, to bond with each know. lol

Can I also ask that those generous members who want to add more than one set of pictures to their competition entry can they please either use the chronological identifications on their camera’s or create a unique name to each set, this way there is no chance of losing material when I merge the posts at the end of the month when the voting starts

Any problems or anything you’re not sure of please PM me.

The August 2019 Wife /Girlfriend of the month competition begins NOW.......